I am an Italian American photographer based in Los Angeles who shoots for the love of creating little worlds. Both analog and digital mediums are key in my practice.

I first picked up a camera at age 11 when the pride of my summer darkroom photography camp was snapping a blurry film photograph of two squirrels mating. Happily, I elevated myself above the rodent-procreation genre and have been passionately pursuing photography since as a means of self-expression.

At the age of 15 I was accepted into and attended (however briefly) Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California before deciding that a freer approach to images was more for me. Themes involving 19th Century Spiritualism, past and present psychological states, and my forays into the world of classical music performance are also influential in my photographs. Perhaps most fervent an underlying theme is my Italian heritage: born in the American West to Italian immigrants, my cultural identity is passionately in a state of eternal development. My love for the American landscape is intertwined with my dependence on Italian cultural traditions.

I enjoy collaborating with creative spirits and especially enjoy working with classical musicians. For details, contact me here or email me at diana.ve.pinto@gmail.com.

I am currently a college student studying music education. I have two lazy crazy cats named Bellini and Ducati and if I weren't a photographer I'd be an opera singer, baker, and cook.
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